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For those who persist.

Who we are

Full Hearts Company is an apparel brand dedicated to elevating and reshaping the narrative of the female equestrian athlete in the Western Horse Industry. 

We exist to honor those who persist. 

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The heart of an Equilete

It starts with a loop, 
and a trap or a scoop.

Victory lands on your shoulder.
Your dreams grow bolder,
While the irons still smolder.

And when you get older,

You ask your mom ‘please’
To enter your fees,

To rope for the prize
Beneath rodeo skies.

But you wish and you miss.

Your heart breaks
As you watch your mistake.

Your money they take. 
But within you, a dream stays awake.

Your horse worked plenty.

Your heart stays full,
but your pockets are empty.

So you practice longer,
Your support is stronger.

You pick up your slack,
You get your form back on track.

and when you come back,
you’re there for the payback.

You wear your confidence like armor,
Your focus is sharper.

The loop you’ve mastered,
Your run is faster.

Your gratitude is profuse.

full hearts,
fast times,
can’t lose.

About the photography We feature

We love a great photo. The images used on this site are taken by Nicole Poyo and Claire Buchanan.

Nicole Poyo

Why we love her

Nicole’s technical proficiency is paralleled by her ability to capture athletic equestrian moments.

She finds the ideal balance between action, human, and horse, creatively capturing dynamic between horse and rider

Her work has been featured on the cover of numerous publications and can seen all over the Instaweb. 

See her work here


Why We Love Her

Claire’s photos focus on portraying the serenity and style of Western life. Her images capture momentary, quiet glimpses between action, often choosing dramatic lighting to convey the immense space and expansive beauty felt in the West.

We love her work for its candid nature, romantic landscapes and, of course, horse photos. 

You can see more here